When you are second in the world and when you know that in technical terms you were part of the „silver“ from the 2018 World Cup in Russia, you've said it all.

The successful cooperation between the Croatian Football Federation and VOX has been going on for many years.

There are also leading clubs of Hrvatski Telekom Prva liga (eng. First League), Druga HNL (eng. The Croatian Second Football League),  and presence at all major football events in the country and the region.


Through many years of cooperation with all major Croatian sports federations, we have worked on the largest regional basketball projects.

It is inevitable to mention the cooperation with the leading clubs of the Hrvatski Telekom Premier League.


Water polo is said to be a sport for intellectuals. We say that it is one of the most trophy-winning sports in Croatia.


Team sport is a great channel of communication between business entities and end users.

LED screens next to the sports field are an indispensable marketing tool for sports platforms.


Croatia is a country that for years has held a very high standard of world tennis tournaments ATP in Umag and WTA tournaments in Bol.

Tennis is a very important link in the promotion of Croatia and business entities in the world.


Our goal is to help clubs, federations, individual athletes and competitions to raise their organization, promotion, relationship with sponsors and fans to a much higher level.